Floor Graphics

Effective signage may be found in every element of a customer’s view, but floor graphics are perhaps the best example of this. Floor graphics are specialty decals created for floor advertising using special adhesives and durable laminates designed to be stepped on.

The most efficient floor graphics are placed in areas of high foot traffic in permanent or temporary consumer-friendly spaces.  As with all quality signage, floor graphics printing is highly customizable depending on design, application surface, and desired lifespan.

Marketers are always looking at new ways to grab the consumers attention, even in unique places. Because of this, floor graphics are increasing in popularity, resulting in more and more people looking down. Designers are now incorporating floor graphics in a number of places such as sporting events, promotional gatherings and POP locations. Some are even utilising 3D floor graphics to command maximum attention.

When deciding on the specific type of product to use, it is important to consider the following:

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